Why Choose The Urban Compost Tumbler

Why Choose The Urban Compost Tumbler?

Granted, composting is beneficial to your garden plants and to the environment in general.

And with the innovation in technology, composting today has become easier with compost tumblers.

But for this reason as well, it makes hard to choose which composter tumbler is right for you.

To help you decide, it is best to know the different types of composting tumbler, their features and their drawbacks.

There is a tumbler mounted horizontally on a framework, Known as crank-operated tumbler, it is operated by a crank, which you shall use in turning the tumbler.

It comes with ridges to help the contents mixed inside.

Emptying it is never difficult because it is elevated from the ground.

Nonetheless, for the same feature, it makes crank-mounted tumbler difficult to fill up when you have biodegradable wastes for composting.

There is also a rolling composter tumbler horizontally mounted on a base.

It comes with rollers or points for spinning the tumbler.

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While it is good, emptying out the compost is difficult as it cannot be tumbled over.

You need a shovel to take out the humus, which may not be entirely removed.

The roll-around composting tumbler is another type.

It is a large molded ball that needs to be rolled on the ground to mix the organic scraps inside.

Maybe to some, it is fun.

But, the problem is that, the tumbler never rolls into the direction you desire, particularly if it is already full.

Emptying it is another issue because it is just difficult.

The urban compost tumbler is the final type.

It is identical to a crank-operated one in the way that the drum is mounted on a frame, but instead of horizontal, the urban compost tumbler is vertically mounted.

It is easy to operate like all other types of compost tumblers.

To mix the organic material, you only need to tumble the tumbler from left to right or to let it rotate like a ferris wheel does.

To take out the compost, you just have to turn the tumbler over to the ground.

Its drawback is the close proximity or distance of the tumbler from the ground, which requires a lower wheelbarrow so it can be placed directly beneath the opening of the tumbler.

Other than this, urban compost tumblers are the ultimate choice of most people.

Named as Urban, urban compost tumblers are often of smaller size than the other three, which makes it very convenient for the urban lifestyle.

But unlike all the others, an urban composter tumbler is eco-friendly.

It is completely made of recycled plastic materials for that added “green” touch.

And due to its design it is also the most effective for containing the compost odor within the tumbler.

So you don’t have to be afraid of killing your next door neighbor with that rotten smell.

Another distinct feature of urban composting tumblers is its Central Aeration System, which is patented.

Among the four elements needed for successful composting, oxygen is the most important.

It is also the most evasive as it needs to be constantly lured into your compost tumblers.

Nevertheless, with urban composting tumbler, your organic materials are given oxygen with its cross-shaped core aeration tube found inside.

The core aeration tube easily and quickly attracts the oxygen from the outside and locks it inside so it is mixed with the scraps during the composting process.

I cannot express in writing just how significant the role of oxygen is in your compost pile.

If you’ve ever done composting before, you know that it literally can make or break your compost.

Because of its small size, the urban compost tumbler is also very effective for composting small piles without reducing the needed heat, all due to its insulation system design.

Yet, despite its relatively small size, it can still accommodate up to 71 gallons or 270 Liters of waste.

When the lid of your urban compost tumbler is securely placed, it does not only retain moisture during dry season, but it can also keep off the excess moisture during rainy season.

Moreover, pests cannot interfere with your compost pile since it is sealed shut.

In closing, choosing the most suitable compost making equipment for you can be the difference between you looking forward to making compost, since it’s so easy, and you dreading and completely ignoring to make compost because it is a handful to do.

So choose wisely.

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