Quality Compost Tumbler

What to Look For In a Quality Compost Tumbler

First off, let’s talk about how fast we can get compost made in a compost  tumbler.

Overall the tumbler type composters are much faster than say a compost pile, even one that is well tended, due to the simple fact of oxygenation. 

The tumbler by its very nature allows fresh oxygen into the mix every time you turn the hopper thus supplying the flora of microorganisms that actually break down the compost material in the aerobic reaction, this is where your work is done.

Of course there are several other factors involved but aeration plays the major part.

Along with the fact that it doesn’t take a shovel and pitchfork to turn over your compost like it would in an open pile.

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Compost Tumblers, Aeration is the Key!

With that in mind you will want a compost tumbler that churns and moves the compost mix the most, vertical axis tumblers tend to have more action than the roller types, unless the roller types have internal paddles, similar to a clothes dryer. 

It is defiantly beneficial to keep it moving, whether horizontal or vertical axis.

Next up is temperature, the warmer the better.

The compost tumbler won’t do you any good if the above mentioned bacteria, fungi and other little critters are frozen solid these are living things you know!

So don’t expect to make fast compost in North Dakota in January unless you’ve got the tumbler in your living room.

Ambient air temperature is a factor as well as radiated heat from the sun.

If you have ever leaned on a black car in the summer sun you know how hot they can get, the same goes for compost tumblers, the darker tumblers will heat up and hold more heat than a lighter colored tumbler.

Other factors to consider are durability, Is the tumbler going to last more than one season? Will it fall off its axis?

Some of these tumblers cost in the $200 dollar range, do your research and find ne that’s made to last. 

On the same note is construction material, composting , by nature is a high moisture operation, make sure the parts can handle the moisture and the elements, that is if it isn’t in your living room hehe.

Some models are made of recycled materials, others have steel frames, make sure you know what you’re getting.

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Don’t Have a Compost Tumbler? Make your own.

Finally , there is always the do-it-yourselfer, there are tons of articles and videos on the subject of home-made compost tumblers.

Do what works for you.

I know some folks want to have the hands on thrill of making their own stuff, and others might not have the skill or the time to build their own compost tumbler.

Just remember, there is something for everyone when it comes to quality compost tumblers.

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