norpro compost keeper stainless

Norpro 1 Gallon Stainless Steel Compost Keeper

We have looked at a few options for compost buckets in the compost buckets guide and now we come to my personal favorite, the Norpro 1 gallon stainless steel compost keeper.

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There is no doubt that the Norpro kitchen composter is by far the best looking option and the only one, in my opinion, that looks good enough to actually take pride of place in the kitchen.

The other plastic compost bins are not the prettiest, they are functional and not much else.

Let’s see why this is my top pick.

Norpro Compost Keeper Stainless Steel Features

This may not have the same capacity as other options but it is definitely a great item that is going to last for ever.


  • Heavy duty stainless steel construction
  • Smooth satin finish exterior
  • Charcoal filter for no odor
  • Easy to clean

Much like the other kitchen compost bucket options it is easy to clean and comes with a filter for the lid.

But that is not all.


I have owned my cheap Norpro stainless steel compost keeper for over a year now and it still looks like it is brand new.

It has been banged about and generally abused but the fact is that it is made very well.

It never leaks, even with liquids in it and it is about as well made as it could possibly be.

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Aesthetics Of The Norpro Kitchen Compost Pail

Frankly it is the only compost bucket that actually looks good.

The satin finish really does make it something to be proud of in the kitchen.

It sits on my counter top next to the sink and actually makes the whole room look a little more expensive.

If you want a receptacle for your kitchen waste that does not have to be hidden away in a cupboard then this is the kitchen compost pail to buy.


Unlike plastic models this has a lid that simply pulls straight off, no hinges.

It means that it is very tight and there are no odors.

We are supposed to change the carbon filter that fits easily in to the lid every 6 months but I have not changed mine in a year and there is still no odor.


The filter is basic but it works amazingly well.

I expected to have to buy new ones, it probably is time now, but so far all it has needed is a rinse through now and then and it continues to work.

It is a snug fit in the under-side of the lid and with vent holes in the lid itself the carbon filter is allowed to breathe and there has never been a hint of an odor in the kitchen.


This is not the largest compost bucket, not by a long way.

But even with a family it still won’t need emptying more than every few days.

So, we simply have to weigh up aesthetics versus how often we want to make a trip to the compost heap.

If you produce large amounts of waste daily then one of the other buckets in my guide may be more suitable.

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Norpro Compost Keeper Stainless Steel Reviews

As well as the Norpro compost keeper stainless steel price being very low it also has a lot of very positive reviews from customers.

They love the durability and they love the look, this really is the only compost bucket that actually looks good on the counter.

Reading through the customer reviews I realize that my family must produce quite a bit of food waste.

Others seem to only have to empty it once a week, even with a family!

So, the capacity may actually be better than I thought, I guess I need to peel less vegetables!

Everyone agrees that it looks great and gives off absolutely no odor.

The large handle really is invaluable as well.

It is long enough that you can take the lid off while still holding it and it makes emptying it very easy indeed.

The fact that the lid can be taken off is a real advantage.

Other plastic models have a flip up lid so emptying it often results in a lot more mess and hassle.

If you want the best compos keeper/bucket then I highly recommend my personal favorite the Norpro compost keeper stainless steel model, for sale at a discount price.

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